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We appreciate your trust greatly. Our clients choose us and our service because they know we are the best.

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What Our Families Say

First, I wanna thank Legacy Stone Restoration for working on my dad’s grave stone. Booked the appointment and within the same week the team at Legacy was able to come out and restore the stone. A big plus is that they cut the grass around the stone and also cleaned out the flower holders in the ground. It’s the small details that go a long way with a service. Thanks again!

Steven R.


I remember visiting family members at the cemetery and one thing that I really disliked was how overtime the headstones would fade and look old. Now I can visit family members and not worry about seeing a headstone that looks like it hasn’t been taken care of the right way. 10/10 for their service to our community and attention to detail on the work they perform. Thanks Legacy!

Benny C.


They did my husband’s gravestone last week and after a month, it still looks GOOD! All I needed to do was a quick towel clean, no harsh wiping and it looks just like new. I’m glad they did it now, it gives me more time to sit there with him. Thank you Legacy.

Vaneza H.

Legacy Stone Restoration

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